Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Techniques In Replacing Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are common in some parts of the world due to their visual appeal and popularity. However, they are not as popular as the other types of roofing materials due to many reasons such as the cost, installation process, repair and maintenance expenses, and other problems. Although these may be true, there are still many people who continuously patronize these materials despite the fact that there are other products in the market today that are quite easier to install and are a lot more inexpensive than these. It is also because of the fact that replacing clay roof tiles nowadays is not that difficult of a task anymore.

When you are making improvements in your house, especially on the roof, you should make sure that you know the signs of whether the materials need to be replaced or repaired. When it comes to clay roof tiles, you should always look for indications of cracks and crevices before you come to the decision of replacing a part or your whole roof.

If your clay roof tiles need to be replaced, all you need to do is follow the basic installation manual below and you are all set:

·        Inspect each Tile – carefully conduct a thorough check up on all the tiles before you conclude on how big the damage is. Through this process, you can identify which part of the house needs to be replaced. In addition, you will also have an idea on how much the replacement cost would turn out to be in the end. You should be careful though as you step on each tile as they are not designed to be stepped on especially if they are old. Always prioritize your safety as you walk on these materials as some may break and can cause accidents on the roof.

·        Wedge Broken Tiles – before you can properly install the new clay tiles, you need to wedge off the broken ones in order for the replacements to fit. You can use a wooden wedge for this job as it can carefully remove blockage and can be used to lift the old tiles for the new one to fit inside. Always be careful though when you are using this tool as there are roofers and homeowners who had accidents in mishandling the small equipment.

·        Remove and Replace Old Tiles – now that you have the tools, it’s now time to take off the old tiles and place the new ones on the roof. You can do this by gently tapping the exposed nails on each tile that you want to remove. Be very careful during this process though as you can also break tiles that are still good.

·        Install the Replacements – before you can install the new tiles, you need to hammer the tile clip first as this will be the one holding your replacement. After fastening the replaced tile, you can now remove the wedge that has been placed to hold the tile up for the new ones to fit.
Check your work after you finish these steps to insure a job well done. 

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